AML Procedure

Monease is dedicated to providing a safe and secure platform for all users. Our comprehensive Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Procedure forms the cornerstone of this commitment, ensuring the integrity of our financial services and safeguarding against illicit financial activities.

A. Stringent User Verification:

- Robust Registration: To access the Exchange Service, users undergo a streamlined yet rigorous registration process. This initial gateway involves providing essential information crucial for verifying your identity. This adheres to AML regulations and mitigates potential misuse of the platform.

- Enhanced Verification Measures: In special cases, exceptional verification measures may be implemented. This might involve additional documentation or video conferencing, particularly when the source of funds is unclear or a personal relationship with a suspected sender exists.

B. Proactive Transaction Monitoring:

- Advanced Algorithms: Our system employs sophisticated algorithms to continuously monitor transactions for suspicious activity. This proactive approach helps identify transactions potentially associated with money laundering or other criminal endeavors.

- Investigation Holds: If a transaction raises any type of concern, the Order may be temporarily on hold. This precautionary measure allows Monease to investigate the origin of the funds thoroughly.

C. Transparency and Cooperation:

- Your Commitment: By accepting our Terms and engaging in transactions, you acknowledge and agree to cooperate fully with our security measures. This includes providing complete and accurate details about the origin of your funds, especially during Order suspension or information requests.

- Honesty and Accuracy: It is crucial to furnish true, up-to-date, and comprehensive information. You bear full responsibility for the accuracy and reliability of the details provided. Remember, honesty and transparency are fundamental to a secure financial ecosystem.

D. Consequence of Non-Compliance:

- Information Requests and Fund Freezing: Failure to provide information or supply false details can have serious consequences. If the provided information indicates potential criminal activity, Monease may freeze the funds temporarily.

- Collaboration with Authorities: In such cases, we may collaborate with law enforcement agencies to return the frozen funds to their rightful victims. This underlines our commitment to combating financial crime.

- Fee Deduction for Illicit Funds: If funds are associated with sanctions or financial crimes, a 20% fee will be deducted to facilitate their eventual withdrawal, and for exchange Gambling - High Risk a 10% Fee will be deducted to facilitate their eventual withdrawal. This arrangement ensures a smooth process and discourages future illicit activity.

- Monease has the right to hold the amount of investigation for as long as the investigation requires, as long as this amount poses a risk to the platform.

F. Exceptional Circumstances and Enhanced Scrutiny:

In rare instances, where the source of funds remains unclear or a personal relationship with a suspected sender exists, Monease may request additional identity verification measures to appose to a chain analysis, These enhanced measures serve as an added layer of protection against potential misuse of the platform.

G. Our Commitment to a Secure Financial Ecosystem:

At Monease, we believe in fostering transparency, accountability, and strict adherence to AML regulations. Your understanding, cooperation, and commitment to these principles are essential in protecting our users and the broader financial community from the threats of money laundering and illicit financial activities. We are confident that, together, we can build a safe and secure platform for everyone.