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  • How To Place An Order

  1. Select your preferred Currency for both sending and receiving 

  2. Enter the amount you would like to exchange For each currency, you have various choices, Choose the most suitable one for sending.

  3. Choose your preferred receiving method, Fill in your information. 

  4. Check your final receipt before placing your order.  You'll be pleasantly surprised with our rates and charges. 

  5. Finally, make sure you have read and understood the user agreement.

Ready to send!  

  • Can I cancel the order after I send the money? 

Due to our terms and obligations, Monease has a non-refundable system that does not support refunds. 


To read more about our Terms & Conditions please visit; 

  • Can I make changes to an order I already placed? 

As soon as your order is labeled as in progress, we begin working on it. 

Please contact customer support as soon as possible if you think you provided the wrong address while placing your order.

Although we may attempt to process it to the new address, we cannot guarantee this.

The user must ensure that the order contains the correct address since after it is received and processed, it cannot be changed. 

  1. Contact support as soon as you feel you made a wrong move on the platform.

  2. Cancel the order and make a new one with your best requirement. 



  • What happens if I pay with a different payment method than the one I select after I send my order? 

Don't worry, anything is easy with Monease.

Support will be active to track and help you with all your requirements as soon as you start an order on the platform.

If you send through a different method than the one you choose while making an order, make sure you Contact Support and inform them of the transfer situation, our team will be able to check and edit your order. You will still receive the amount you send with the currency you require. 

  • My order was canceled, why? 

Orders usually have a time limit depending on the payment method you’re using for sending and receiving

If you have exceeded the time limit without transferring the amount to proceed with the transaction, your order will be canceled, feel free to open another order whenever you like. 

Please Note; Most payment methods' time limit is 30 minutes. 

  • I’m trying to send the amount I placed, but it keeps getting back to me, what do I do? 

You may encounter this problem when making a bank transaction or a bank service because of the amount limits. 

please get in touch with support so they may provide you with an alternative address, email, phone number, or alias.

  • Should I send the same amount to this new address, email, phone number, or alias as I did in the past orders?

We consistently change our addresses, please make sure to double-check the provided sending information in the order you placed before completing any transaction. 

  • Monease prohibits Third-Party Payments.

Monease does not allow any third-party transfers; therefore, in order to complete a transaction, you must send and receive money in your name from an account that belongs to you. Your order will be canceled in case we receive funds from a third-party account or a name that is not registered with Monease.

  • How can I get a receipt for my transactions? 

Once your order is complete, simply click "invoice" at the bottom of the order to immediately download your order receipt. 

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